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sudo roomadmin


I'm interested in and actively engaged with emerging movements rooted in the shared struggle to reclaim the commons, create public spheres through the cultivation of open spaces, and enable direct democracy through principles of federation and open source or Read/Write culture.

Current projects:

  • Mycelia - A decentralized, open source engine for community asset mapping, project documentation and discovery, and project <-> people matchmaking. Currently designing use cases for hackerspaces, science labs, community gardens and intentional communities.
  • sudo mesh / People's Open Network - A community-owned and -operated wireless mesh network, creating a shared internet with local applications for the East Bay. Currently setting up rooftop nodes and finalizing the firmware in preparation for imminent public deployment!
  • Omni Commons - Where sudo room lives! A collective of collectives stewarding a commons for all of Oakland. Current foci of buying the building, legal entity structure, event booking, and volunteer coordination.

I'd like to learn:

  • CAD design for 3D printing and lasercutting
  • Bookmaking!