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Want to make cheap healthy cooking with algae/water ferns(duckweeds, azolla) using a particular method of aquaponics and automation that I feel could be extremeley cost effective and scalable. A suprising amount of deforestation takes place just for corn, palm and soybean oil plantations. Want to extract the oil using standard screw press or possibly supercritical solvents and harvest the cellulose from the spent biomass and convert to nanocrystal and use that for the plastic packaging the oil would come in, trying to make the process as much of a closed loop as possible with as low a footprint as can be managed. Want to make paper, clothing fibers and carbon fibers from bamboo. Want to learn lignin chemistry. Interested in alginate and extracting valuable compounds from marine macroalgae with a wide range of potential applications such as medicine, infant formula to clothes and batteries., even a insulin patch(developed at NIH within the last few years).. Very worried about climate change, hopefully am going to throw an event next spring at Laney College, an event I feel would benefit alot from the participation of people a part of this organization. Also very interested in biochar and fungal bioremediation of soil and soil microbiome/ environemtal genomics for assesing soil health/vitality. Want to learn code(tackling arduino and rasberry pi for the aquaponics system I want to design) really want to learn matlab and python as well so i could do stuff with robotics because I feel agriculture would benefit-permaculture and robotics is something I want to explor (it could help the elderly and give physically disabled people the ability to move again while making the food system more sustainable, also machine learning and recycling). have an amateur obsession with graphene, would love to make some, would be very fun, its abilitty as a molecular sieve makes it a very attractive carbon capture membrane for point source emissions control for coal plant smokes stacks etc. I'm a big fan of nuclear power, which I understand can be polarizing for people but I love solar and wind too its all love at the end of the day. I'm a musician and artist new to the world of science and im loving it and think i could have funI engaging in some cross pollination with other groups.