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I'm part of sudo mesh where we're working on creating People's Open Network and I'm working on Counter Culture Labs which is currently running a Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1836537355/counter-culture-labs-your-biohacking-and-citizen-s


I have some experience with synthetic biology, including a bit of lab experience, and I have some electronics skills (mostly digital electronics) and a bunch of programming experience mostly around network programming, embedded stuff and web apps. I also have a bit of graphic design foo and lots of experience co-organizing hackerspaces.

Want to learn

I want to get better at drawing and clay sculpting and I'm experimenting with music composition (chiptune synths to orchestral VSTs). I'd like to get back into scuba diving and scuba hacking so if you're looking for a (well trained but somewhat rusty) dive buddy then hit me up!