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I am Gerrik. I study neuroengineering, with desires to attend a MD/PhD medical school for micro-robotic neurosurgery, and biomedical engineering degree specialising in neuroengineering. I am inspired by companies like NeuroPace, Neurosity, and machines like EEG, TMS, electrodes, and biosensors to modulate, regulate, and influence neuronal activity. My research interest is to develop a device to enhance focus, information absorbtion, and memory recall.

Such a device will incorporate invasive and non-invasive methods to be effective in human patients. However, the work is worthwhile, as its these three key mental functions that are most excersised by government, law, military, and corporation personnel. It is also the failing of these three functions that result in mistakes, which cascade into larger effects.

Due to the lack of opprotunity I have found at my university, I attend this lab to develop my skills as a researcher. Additionally, if I must, I will develop Sudo and Counter Culture labs to conduct my research.

I dont stop.